Wood-look kitchen flooring in a Lexington, KY home

Why wood-look flooring is so popular

The economy has always been a major trend indicator. This means today, more than ever, you're looking more and more for value. Thanks to technological advances, wood-look flooring has true-to-life images with a three-dimensional appearance, is affordable, and multi-functional. Continue reading to learn about three incredible wood echoes.

Laminate: The authentic feel of a hard surface

Many ask if they should choose vinyl or laminate flooring, but it just comes down to your personal preference. The feeling underfoot is different; laminate has a firm, rigid feel, while vinyl is warmer and more resilient.

Wood-look tile: thanks to Inkjet Technology

It wasn’t so long ago that tiles were painted by hand, a time-consuming and inaccurate process. Inkjet has changed all that with four jets that simultaneously spray ink of different colors, allowing for more intricate and detailed patterns. With wood-look tile, the raised grain images are amazingly realistic with knots and swirls, and it’s available in all colors, including high variation (different dark, light, and medium tones). Tile is also cut into planks of all sizes, making for a beautiful alternative, especially in the bath, which is much too wet and steamy for genuine wood.

Luxury vinyl: the “it” flooring

Whether you choose standard sheet vinyl or the premium product, luxury vinyl (LVF), you’ll get images with knots, grains, swirls, and wormholes, as well as waterproof capabilities, durability, low maintenance, and uncomplicated installation. A high gloss finish on your wood-look floors, and they’ll look like something out of the design pages.

Both vinyl flooring versions come with a top clear melamine coating that protects the floor from wear. While all vinyl is durable, luxury vinyl tends to be thicker than a standard sheet, measuring at least 8-mm in thickness with a 20-mil wear layer. Unlike the sheet version, LVF can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood or square, tile-sized pieces if you choose to echo stone or tile.

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