All about backsplashes

Remember when backsplashes were usually just six-inch verticals behind the range or sink? Their purpose was and still is functional, but now they’re also design tools that add focal points and visual interest. Today, they can be any size, extending from the floor to ceiling, becoming a tiny one- or two-inch strip to cover the gap between cabinets and counters or a wraparound open storage or between windows.

Backsplashes are quick and easy to install

The backsplash is the centerpiece of your kitchen or bath and, while it may not seem to take as much priority as the cabinets or countertops, make no mistake: It sets the tone of the entire kitchen and is often a focal point. Just creating a new backsplash can make it seem as though you completed a full remodeling.

Do it right and hire a professional! Our design service understands tiles, walls, current trends, and the right type of material for your installation. They’ll measure accurately, taking into account outlets, windows, cooktop hoods, and protrusions. They’ll also come with the right grout and sealant, as well as the proper tools, so there won’t be any delays in having to go back to the store.



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Reasons to get a backsplash

This is the perfect example of Form + Function. Backsplashes don’t just provide style but also protect walls from water damage, spills, and stains. If allowed to hide behind surfaces, moisture creates mold and mildew, which wreaks havoc on your home, and if food debris and stains aren’t cleaned up, they'll attract pests. There's no place for dirt or particles to hide with tile, so wipe them with a damp cloth and mild cleaner and be sure to seal the grout.

The backsplash tile

While backsplashes can be created from many materials, tile is still the preferred option. We’re all familiar with the subway tile backsplash, but some may remember it only as those glassy all-white 3 X 6 rectangles. What many don’t realize, however, is that subway tiles now come in a broad color palette and all shapes and sizes. We see everything from blue, green, and black hues to metallics and multi-colors. Tiles are often textured with beveled, pebbled, beach sand, and stacked looks, as well as with patterns such as herringbones, graphics, and encaustics. They often also include medallions and inserts.

Thinking about installing a custom backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom? We have design services available for you. Visit Kevin's Carpets showroom in Georgetown or Lexington, KY especially if you live in Lexington, KY, Georgetown, KY, Midway, KY, Versailles, KY, Frankfort, KY, Nicholasville, KY, Winchester, KY, Paris, KY, Richmond, KY or Cynthiana, KY. Be sure to ask about a free quote for your backsplash upgrade.