Area rugs do more than you might think

They might seem small compared to your new flooring installation, but rugs serve a big function. It’s not uncommon to see them layered over laminate, hardwood, tile, or carpet to add visual interest, warmth, comfort, and texture to a room. They also insulate against noise; a room with all hard surfaces has nothing to absorb the vibrations, so they bounce off the walls. Please continue reading to learn more about how these mats can improve a space.

Pull a room together with rugs

Many people express concern about "covering up" their beautiful floors. Some, such as hardwood, often have beautiful red, orange, caramel, and slate blue undertones that can be accented and highlighted. Rugs can also add liven up a too-subtle floor by contrasting it with bold, vibrant colors or can even quiet down an overly patterned one with subtle pastel or neutral shades. In short, an area rug can pull a room’s decor together and add finishing touches.

Rugs also divide, separate, and define. Especially in today's modern open layouts, it’s not uncommon to see a living and dining area in one big room; these spaces can be easily defined by placing different but coordinating mats in each space. Even if you don’t have an open layout, you still might want to section off a corner of a room as a reading area or a place to write bills.

Many ask us if they should purchase a standard stock rug or design a custom one. While there are many stock rugs, keep in mind that they do come in standard colors and sizes; the most common is the 5 by 7 rug. In an ideal world, all rooms would be perfect squares, but there are usually door sills, moldings, and baseboards with which to contend. With a custom rug, it can be cut to fit.

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What size area rug do you need?

Measure the room with the furniture in it to be sure you purchase a rug that’s large enough to fit under all significant pieces of furniture, such as the sofa and coffee table, with a 12-to-18-inch bare floor extension. If that is not possible, the rug should at least be anchored by the front legs, again with the 12-to-18-inch extension of the bare floor. In a dining room, the rug should fit under both the table and chairs. Bedrooms can be problematic, but the solution is easy: place a matching runner on each side of the bed.

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