Can I get herringbone tile flooring?

Yes. If you want to add style to a room without an expensive remodel, herringbone floor tile creates a design that will stand out.

This echoes the bone structure of a herring fish. It consists of two rectangular tiles touching ends in a 'V' layout, forming a straight edge.

A hot design trend, this layout is all over. Instead, you'll see herringbone patterns in rugs, throw pillows, current wood flooring, curtains, and tile.

You'll see that herringbone tile comes in assorted colors and designs at the tile shop. You can use any tile as long as it's rectangular and the width is half (or less) than the length.

It also comes on mesh sheets when mosaics are desired. The marble and glass ones are particularly suitable for bathroom floors.

Where can I use a herringbone tile layout?

Use them anywhere you plan to use floor tile! That would be kitchens, baths, living rooms, dining spaces, etc.

Put it in the hallway to make a grand entrance! It will be the first thing people see.

Herringbone floor tile size

It would be best to discuss this at your tile store because they'll know how and where you plan to use it. Generally, typical sizes are 2 X 4, 3 X 6 or 2 X 8.

This is something a professional installer should do. The cutting and layout arrangement can be laborious and complicated.

Herringbone will make a small room look larger, even though it’s a busy pattern. The eye gravitates toward the “V,” giving the visual perception of a larger space.

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