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Kevin's Carpets

Kevin and DianaKevin and Diana have been serving the Lexington area for many years. From managing area restaurants in the 80's to owning businesses in lawn care, advertising and home maintenance in the 90's. Kevin got involved in the flooring industry in 1998. He has received certificates from Shaw, Congoleum and Mapei. Diana began in 2003 helping to manage their growing flooring installation and sales company. They bring their expertise in service to the flooring industry with  showrooms in Tates Creek Centre and next to the new Kroger in Georgetown.
Kevin believes strongly in a quality product with a quality installation. As an installer himself for 12 years he has a complete working knowledge of all the products we sell.  He oversees the business and mainly works in the new Georgetown location.
Diana fills the position as business manager, overseeing the sales staff, scheduling and ordering. She will make sure that once you purchase your floor that everything is ordered and scheduled to give you a beautiful finished product.

Chad Holleran brings his people and listening skills to the showroom floor from his years as a Youth Pastor.  He graduated from Bryan Station High School in 2006 and went on to receive a degree from World Harvest Bible College in 2008. Chad attended Shaw Learning Academy in the fall of 2008.  He has always been active in his church and sports.  Working part time as a youth pastor at a church in Georgetown he has developed skills that help him understand people and the challenges of life.  His calm professional approach to selling makes him a success. He lives in Georgetown with his beautiful wife Gena.

Brock Howard joined our team after working in banking and finance.  He also graduated from Bryan Station High School in 2006.  He received his degree from the University of Kentucky in 2012 and attended Shaw Learning Academy in the spring of 2012. Brock is also very active in sports and with his family.  His experience in banking and finance brings a balance to our team. He is very good with details and has a wide range of product knowledge.
Rebecca Barnett joined our team after working in the income tax industry and fills the position as Administrative Assistant.. She graduated from Powell County High School in 2007. Attended Morehead State University and National College and graduated in 2011.  She brings to our team experience in finance and customer relations. Rebecca assists the salespeople on the floor, handles customer relations, ordering and scheduling.
Matthew Holleran works part-time in the growing family business, helping to maintain the store areas, answering phones and directing customers on Saturdays. He graduated from Bryan Station High School in 2014. When not working Matthew attends Morehead State University. He is an avid drummer and musician and very active in church.
Our installation teams consist of 6 crews with over 80 years combined experience.  They will work very hard to get your job done right and on time. They know that a happy customer is job security for them and they aim to please.
Clayton is a very active 8 year old boy. He loves playing army and swimming.  He lives with 4 sisters and his parents.  Clayton doesn't know anything about carpet fibers but is a expert on messing them up. His first mess with spaghetti was difficult for him since he, in real life, is a very neat child.  We had to promise him he would not get in trouble!  He has become an expert at making the shocked "did I do that face" and is constantly recognized in the area.  He handles his stardome with grace and has never gotten a big head. We look forward to many more exciting messes from Clayton.


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